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How do I show a combined summary report (over the entire pre and post death time frame) for a 'hubby dies early' scenario?

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First of all, it is recommended that you create a normal 2 spouse plan with both spouses making it out to a certain year (the age 95 of the younger spouse say)

Next, do a 'save-as' run and create a duplicate set of files.

Taking that duplicate set, start with the spouse who will die first (normally the husband)

Pick the year/age at which he is going to die... say it is 80.

Amortize with his runout age still set as 95.

Take note of the size of the RRSP principal at age 81 (1 year greater than 80) Ditto for the nonreg principal. (We could play with any DCG entities, but I won't complicate things)

Next, enter those 2 amounts (rrsp principal at 81 and nonreg principal at 81) and enter them in the spousal rrsp rollover and the non-txbl deposit columns respectively... but as negatives in year 80.

Next, change the runout age to 81 (1 greater than 80)

Smooth, using the same ATI level as previously solved. Note, the result won't have a big final year spurt because the RRSP and nonreg have been depleted by the rollovers at age 80.

Next, get second spouse (normally wife) and enter those same amounts (rrsp and nonreg) as positives, in the same columns in the same year.

Important.... enter in the first column (net income target) the ATI level that the wife solved at in her first run, but only down to age 80, leaving the rest of the 1st column empty. Do not change her runout age!

Amortize her.

You are done. When you print the summary, you will get a well behaved, tax-accurate projection of the hubby-dies-early scenario for both spouses. The reports (both husband, wife and summary) will be well behaved, readable, tax-accurate and cover the entire period prior to and after the husband's death.

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