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I am getting an 'illegal file format' (or similar error)

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This may happen for a new install of RRIFmetic or you may have run the program sucessfully in the past, but all of a sudden it comes up with this error when you try to execute it. This is generally caused by a version conflict with a new computer or new software (from another vendor) you may have recently loaded.

The first thing to try would be to relocate these system files to the local directory (/rpwin) Go Here to relocate these files.

If the above doesn't work, here is a more in depth fix...

Troubleshooting RRIFmetic.

RRIFmetic is a single executable (rpwin.exe) which runs (normally) out of the \rpwin folder, unless the user has installed it elsewhere.
In the \RPWIN folder the program should look as follows....

rpwin.exe--- 515KB --- 13/012008 --- 12:25PM --- (the size and date of this file may change periodically)

In the \Windows\System (OR system32) folder you should see the following files. These files should have their size and date/time stamps EXACTLY AS FOLLOWS.....

(Look in BOTH the \windows\system AND the \windows\system32 folders!)

graphx.vbx--- 500KB --- 22/11/1996 --- 4:52AM
gsw16.exe--- 436KB --- 22/10/1997 --- 5:50AM
gswag16.dll--- 202KB --- 06/10/1997 --- 5:50AM
gswdll16.dll--- 51KB --- 06/10/1997 --- 5:50AM
cmdialog.vbx--- 19KB --- 27/04/1993 --- 11:00pm
vbrun300.dll--- 390KB --- 12/05/1993 --- 12:00AM
grrid.vbx--- 45KB --- 15/06/1993 --- 12:00AM

If these files don't agree, then delete them and re-install the CD. (remember to look in both the \windows\system and \windows\system32 folders)

Go here for a PDF of this instruction.

Steve Salter (250-335-0637)

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