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How do I contribute to my spouse's RSP after age 69?

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As you may be aware, you may contribute to your spousal RSP after age 69 for as long as your spouse stays below 69.

In order to acheive this easily, you simply enter the spousal contribution as negatives in the 'non taxable income/expense' column. Forget the spousal rollover column completely.

One more thing is required to be done.... for those same years from 69 (or rrif start age) on down for the period of the contributions, you must enter negative offset amounts in the "taxable benefits" column of the data entry grid (far right hand side). This corrects for the tax deduction.

BTW.... this can be used for all spousal RSP contributions for any age. It doesn't show up as well in the reports... it is designated 'non taxable income' (as negatives). It may be easier to explain to the client, however.

In the spouse's file, you enter the spousal amounts as (positives) in the 'rollover' column as before.

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