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RRIFmetic printout can, like all applications, be directed to PDF files. You must be an owner of Adobe Acrobat's PDFWriter (use PDFwriter, not distiller!), otherwise, it is absolutely straightforward.

(For those users who experience difficulty printing to a shared/LANed print server, sometimes the PDF is the only sure way to get printed results)

There are several PDF writer clones, one such can be found at www.pdf995.com It costs.... (are you sitting down?) $9.95 US... just a bit cheaper than Acrobat at $500+.

Also, now there is a free pdf writer at www.cutepdf.com (those who are financially astute will recognize that 'free' is even better than $9.95)

When writing to a PDF file, you should observe the following....

  • Always leave an extra 5-10 seconds to elapse AFTER you see the hard drive flutter.
  • Try and have ALL reports print in landscape as one (1) single print job.
  • Use Acrobat PDFWriter, NOT Distiller
  • If you are using PDF995, it will save the PDF files in a folder called PDF995. When printing to PDF995 from RRIFmetic, open a small window 'my computer' with \pdf995 folder's files visible. Then, when the print proceeds, wait a bit until the drive light is done (pdf file is created) and you will be able to click on the file you specified in the \pdf995 folder and it will display immediately on screen courtesy of Adobe Reader.
  • If you have trouble with later versions of Adobe Acrobat, email us, and we will send a better instruction

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