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Copying data from a PDF file - quickly

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OK... you are sitting there staring at a strange defined benefit pension cash flow forecast from your client's employer, or you have a Universal Life quote from an insurance company and you don't know how the column of death benefits came about.

You could (painstakingly) enter each number from the report and drop it into the data entry grid one at a time.

NO MORE!!! If the data/report you are looking at is in PDF format, then you are in luck.

Here's the process. First of all bring up both rrifmetic's data entry grid and the source PDF file (say the UL quote) where the (UL death benefit, say) data resides -as a column.

Next, in the PDF, using Adobe Reader, turn on the "column select tool" It is in the middle of the task bar.

Put the mouse on the column and hilite the column (or portion). Now Edit|Copy. You have captured the column in the clipboard.

Next, pop over to the RRIFmetic data entry grid, choose the proper column which you want this data to drop into and click on the top cell.

The standard prompt for data entry pops up. Enter/press the letter "P" for paste.

Voila! The column from the PDF file drops into the de grid column.

One wrinkle is that you can only column select in Adobe Reader on a single page. If your PDF column flows over 2 or more pages you will have to repeat the process (back and forth from PDF to DE Grid) twice.

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