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Entering data in a DE column - quickly

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There is another way to load data into the program. This is especially useful when you have discretely different values to enter down a column in the data entry grid or your data exists in a spreadsheet column.

In the first case, your normal approach would be to click on each separate cell in the de grid and enter the values successively. This can be tiresome when you have 50 discrete values to load down the column. No longer!

Solution..... call up the Windows Notepad. You can get it at the point when you have clicked on a cell in the data entry grid. The small DATA ENTRY window pops up asking 'value to insert'. Enter the single letter "N" (for notepad)

Now you should have the empty Notepad in front of you. Start entering the values, one at a time, each new amount on a separate line.

Commas and dollar signs are allowed.

Once the values are entered, highlight them (Edit|Select all) and then (Edit|Copy). This loads them to the clipboard.

Finally, exit Notepad (you don't need to save anything unless you plan to come back with changes, in which case just minimize)

You should be in RRIFmetic still, and looking at the data entry grid (remember, this doesn't require you to leave the program) so, in the de grid, click on the cell where you want the values to drop into and once again the DATA ENTRY window prompt pops up.

Instead of entering a number as you normally would, press the letter "P". (for paste)

That's it. The data you entered in the notepad and 'edit-copied' will copy down the column.

For the spreadsheet

If your data sits in a spreadsheet (you have computed it, say) then Highlight the data column (only one remember) and do the same as above (Edit|Copy) and continue as above.

One more tip for the Notepad.... say some of the items you were entering in this column of data repeated. (you are still in the Notepad, of course) In this case, put the cursor at the beginning of the value, press (shift end) and while holding the (shift) key down, (right arrow) once to the right.

Now (Ctrl C) and (Ctrl V) to copy the value onto the next line. (Ctrl V) for as many times as you need to copy the value.

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