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Leaving an exact estate

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This is very straightforward. It is a variation on the 'die broke' calculation, Rather than dying broke, we want to ensure an exact amount (net) goes to our estate, then we die broke. ......

1. First of all, enter all the normal RRIFmetic-type data... salary, loans, capital...etc.

2. Next, goto the first column 'net income target' in the data entry grid.

3. Scroll down to the 'runout age' i.e. if the runout is 95, go down to age 95.

4. Enter the amount you want your estate to net (200000, say) in the age 95 cell (1st column - the 'net income target' column). Remember, this will be expressed in today's $.... it will be indexed to the CPI.

5. Amortize.

That's all there is to it!

BTW.... this does not preclude there being other forcing amounts in the 1st column (net income target) of the data entry grid. Just make sure the 'runout age' has the estate target amount.

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